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Soda Fountain



From Keith's love of antiques, he has in his store, an actual working old fashion Soda Fountain. He had a friend who owned an antique store. Since the friend didn't have one, he found one for free from a little store in Iowa. It was built in the 1930's and made my Brunswick. He still has it working today to serve you great flavored ice cream.



He has all the right kind of stuff to keep you satisfied. From the mind of an old Platteview High School student, Adam Wade, came the creation of the Husker 61. He would come in days and order the largest thing Keith could make. So it was a big bowl of ten scoops or more of ice cream with whatever you want on it. Adam Wade, later went on to be on the Nebraska Cornhusker's football team. He was a lineman, and his number was 61. Thats how Keith got the name, Husker 61.


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